Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm awake, I'M AWAKE!!!

This morning, as per the usual routine, I was refilling the boys' haynets. I used up an open bale of hay, then pulled down a new bale and turned around to get the metal snips that I keep on the gate to open the bale. Despite my early-morning Benadryl-induced stupor, my brain was functioning slightly in advance of my hand and I realized that the large stick next to my nippers was not, in fact, a stick.


For reference, the metal mesh that this guy is clinging to is 2 inches wide and 4 inches tall. He was well over 6 inches long, including antennae.

Yeesh. Needless to say, after encountering this guy, I was really, REALLY awake! I pried him off the gate, stuck him on a tree, and went about the rest of the usual morning routine. Sadly, the horses were not impressed with the delay in their room service.


  1. AAAAAaAaaaa :(

    I only like bugs who stay at an appropriate distance. Like, NOT inches from something I need to touch. Bad walking stick!

  2. Would you rather that or something potentially harmful? ;) But, yes, I would be awake, too!

  3. Funder, all bugs and snakes are required to announce their presence in advance. They are also not supposed to hang out right where I need to put my hand! Dressager, as for being potentially harmful, we've got plenty of scorpions - shall I send you a few?

  4. No thanks! I've already had my fair share at the house, dropping out of air vents and from behind ceiling lights and showing up near shower drains and coming out from behind picture frames and running over your feet while your on the computer and then disappearing and you wake up at every tiny sound and touch in the middle of the night thinking its come back to get you. All that could be were dispatched promptly with the end of the cedar walking stick I made in junior high. I certainly don't use it for hiking anymore!