Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mid-week (muddy) critter

Last night, we got about two inches of much-needed rain. Most of the state (including where we are) is still in "extreme drought" - we've had, including last night's ~2 inches, about three inches since September 2010. Apparently it's the worst 9 month dry period in recorded history.

Cash, who is never one to miss out on an opportunity to roll in the mud, took full advantage before I managed to snag all the boys and put them up in the barn.

Because any job worth doing is worth doing well, Cash makes certain to grind the mud in to all available body parts. Check on the glob on his cheek and ear, how evenly the mud covers his mane - he's even gotten his LF all the way down! I always knew he wanted to be gray...

You can also see that he spent some time upside-down, wiggling around to get his entire back and withers. None of that sissy rolling on one side, then getting up and rolling on the other side - he just flips over several times, legs flailing in muddy joy. At least his face and chest are still clean!


  1. Good thing you rode him yesterday:)

  2. 3 inches of rain since last September...WOW! We've had that in the last week... ;-0

  3. YAY FOR RAIN!!!
    Cash just likes to roll, roll, roll in zee mud!

  4. Nic, this is why your part of the world is lush and green and mine is sad and brown.

    Meidhbe, yes, yes it is. Because it would be horribly cruel to remove all that mud that Cash worked so hard to get on...

    Dressager, mud is one of Cash's great joys in life!

  5. Lush and green yes, but I'm scraping mud off the little buggers all year round...!