Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sorta like old times

MC and I took another early morning ride, and I actually got in a real ride on Cash. I even used a saddle this time, lol!

Stepping out well at the trot.

He looks a little stiff behind - something we clearly need to work on.

I'm trying to work a little on my position, but I still need to get my hands in closer and bend zee elbows more. And we won't talk about my leg, lol!

His canter is amazing. I just shifted my hip forward, slid my outside leg back half an inch, and off we went. He feels pretty balanced but is not really relaxed along his topline.

He's still foot-perfect on canter departs. Love it!

We even did a few steps of lengthen trot. It's never been one of his strong suits, but he was game to try for a few steps.

We only worked for a few minutes, did a little trot and canter each direction while MC took pictures. Cash was extremely willing to work, but was tense through his neck and topline. That's something we struggled with constantly when we were competing, and it hasn't changed. It's one of the reasons I'm working him in a bitless bridle instead of with a bit - he's extremely sensitive about having anything but the lightest contact with even a super-soft Happy Mouth bit, so I figure we'll try it without a bit a while.

He is just so much fun to ride. I just have to think what I want to do, and it happens. He's really an amazing boy, and I am so, so lucky to be able to ride him again. I'm really hoping that he'll stay sound, and that we'll be able to have more rides like this!

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