Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Haffie Math Quiz - How much cuter is a Haffie?

Last week's math quiz was, of course, about Thanksgiving. Our question for the week was:
If you invited a dozen Haffies over for Thanksgiving dinner, how many apple pies would you need?  
Paddington is pleased that blog readers selected his favorite choice:
Option 4: Paddington gave all the other Haffies bad directions and they got lost on the way to Wyvern Oaks. Therefore, Paddington gets ALL THE APPLE PIES.  
Paddington would now like to know when I am going to deliver all the apple pies to him. There goes his diet! Also, he promised an up-close and personal picture of his nose, so here you go:

Where are my apple pies?

And now, on to this week's quiz. Several of the comments this week focused around how adorable the Grand Prix haffie Starwars TOF is. As a haffie, Paddington concurs with this sentiment, although he thinks he's the most adorable haffie ever. So, this week's quiz is an effort to quantify haffie cuteness. 
If a Haffie does a Grand Prix dressage freestyle, how much cuter is it than if a normal warmblood does a GP freestyle? (You can watch the video here.)
  • Option 1: i^4 + 1 times cuter (bonus points if you leave what that equals in the comments)
  • Option 2: Eleventeen times cuter
  • Option 3: Infinity + 1/Haffie times cuter
  • Option 4: What was the question again? I got distracted by teh kyoot.
Remember to vote for the BEST answer over on the poll on the right. Paddington promises adorable fuzzy poneh ear pics if you do!


  1. Shy's sad about the bad directions and the lack of apple pie. . .but this Haffie's determination was underestimated and she followed her nose right to those pies. Which forced Paddington to share, but he maybe didn't care cause Shy is so cute :)

    1. Paddington says that he would definitely share with Shy since she's so cute. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Julie, you win! Paddington is not sure what you win, but you definitely do. ;)

  3. Vote? Sorry, I was too busy looking at Paddington ;).