Tuesday, February 19, 2019

How to win at bitey-face (by Leo, in pictures)

Approach unsuspecting opponent sneakily and show your teefs.

If he's not impressed, try a shoulder attack.

Act surprised when he retaliates.

Go for the ears on the counter-attack.

Lure him into an attack by sticking out your tongue to taunt him.

If you opponent is annoyed enough, he may strike swiftly. Defense maneuvers can be difficult when your opponent lacks any bones in his neck.

Your opponent may also be taller than you.

But you can show him.

Except that he might squash you if you're not careful.

Always remember that it's OK to run away so that you can play again later.


  1. HAHA! I would read an entire blog of Haffie adventures. Like a comic book, only better.

  2. I'd say the other horse was going to turn into a were-haffie but they are all were-haffies aren't they lol

  3. These are adorable, funny, and epic!! Great series :)

  4. I'm with Jen. I need moar haffie adventures!