Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cash's very own web page

My retired eventer, Cash, currently lives in the lap of luxury, at a wonderful facility in Paige, Texas, that caters only to retirees. He has 10 acres of coastal grass, his own swimming pond, and three buddies. He comes up for a daily hosing to cool off, and gets more cookies than any horse has a right to have (well, OK, he deserves them). He's pretty much got it made.

A couple of weeks ago, the facility owner asked me to send her Cash's story, so I wrote it up. Little did I know she would feature him on her web site! So, the story of my now-famous retired event pony is available on his very own web page!

Reading his story, I really think he's had a pretty good life... I only wish that his body had held up better for him because boy, did he love to work and love to compete. Saga's not the competitor that Cash was, and never will be. Cash is probably a once-in-a-lifetime horse... and boy, do I miss riding him.

Cash and I rocking a Training-level course at Waredaca, MD, in fall 1999. That fence is 3'3 with a 5'6 spread.

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