Friday, July 2, 2010

Lablet update

Every month since I turned in Reba, my service-puppy-in-training, for advanced training, I get an update of her progress. Today, I got her latest update. I haven't posted how she's doing before because I was afraid I'd somehow 'jinx' her, but at this point, I'm willing to take the chance!

Suffice it to say she hasn't been sent home for eating twist-ties, and is actually doing really well. So well, in fact, that "barring unforeseen circumstances," she will start Team Training (where she is placed with someone) August 1 and should graduate August 15! I don't know who she'll be placed with, but I'm so excited that she'll have a wonderful life as an assistance dog!

I am having a really proud mom moment, but I'm also missing her a lot today. I never really said goodbye to her, since I figured I'd either get her back if she didn't graduate, or say my farewells at graduation. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend graduation, since I will be at my sister-in-law's wedding on the other side of the country. I do have friends who are going though, and have promised to take at least 10,000 pictures and 17 hours of video so I will get to see her.

Since I am missing her, I went back and looked at her Bone Voyage entry. One of my favorite photos of her was not included in that post - it's a picture that my coworker, a graphics designer and professional photographer, took one day while at work. She's maybe 8 months old in this picture, but it captures her so well.

Behold, the adorable Labrador. Which I think makes her Labradorable! "Baroo?" says Reba.

Reba's weekend mom suggested that we make a book of puppy pictures and give it to her new owner, which I think is a great idea (but I want a copy too!) I'm not sure if I'll get any other updates between now and the august graduation, but if I do, I'll post them here. Fingers crossed and send lots of good graduation thoughts Reba's way!

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  1. Yeah, she's pretty tough to get over--you did great with her. I think the photo book is a great idea (I love the pix in the post). I'm sure her new owner will be thrilled to have it.