Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Woohoo! I managed to single-handedly fix the shed!

Tonight I managed to fix the shed. More or less.

On the way home from work, I stopped at Lowe's to pick up a 2-ton floor jack. Using a jack was the only way I could figure to prop the shed roof enough to screw it back together. I rounded up a few 6 foot-ish 2x4s, some screws and the drill, and headed out back.

First, I propped up the edge of the roof with the jack and a 2x4. This was actually a fairly bad idea, because it was the only support the roof had once I jacked it off the panel that was supporting it. However, I tried to be as careful as possible and spent the least amount of time under the roof as I could, in case it fell.

Next, I propped a second support beam under the roof next to the middle post, since I decided it would be safest to screw the middle post back together first.

Here's the middle support beam after I've pried two of the three old nails out of the header (I couldn't get the last one out, but it wasn't in the way).

And here it is after I've screwed it together. I had a hard time pulling the beam and the post together to get the screws to bite while drilling at the same time, so there's more of a gap between the post and the beam than I'd like, but it's on there pretty solidly.

Next, I fixed the end post. The major problem here was that the post had moved to the right several inches and was no longer directly under the roof. In addition, the panel that was holding up the roof when it fell was actually preventing me from pushing the post back into place. So, I had to take the panels apart and rearrange them.

Here you can see just how far the post had moved from the beam. And bonus, nasty rusty nails!

After moving the jack support to just beside the corner post and getting the panel out of the way, I was able to push the post back into place under the beam.

Once the post was under the beam and I had screwed it all back together, I removed the support and volia! More or less repaired shed.

All done. Boys are back to snacking happily on their round bale, and the roof is more or less level. Let's just hope it stays together until we get the new barn built!

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