Saturday, January 9, 2010

Carport demo

This is going to be a short post because I'm tired, but I really wanted to get it up because we FINISHED THE CARPORT DEMO!!!

The carport had to come down so we could get the electrical fixed - to make a long story short, electric lines from the pole can't go over a roof. Ours went over the second carport, and so it had to come down. We had planned on removing the carport eventually, but not quite so soon. However, we want to get the electrical stuff handled before we move in, and our electrician is available starting next Wednesday, so we had to do it now.

So, in pictures, the story of the carport demo.

The husband... on a mission... with a roofing shingle scraper. He tackled the back part of the carport first.

We tried both scraping the shingles and then removing the decking, and just removing the decking with the shingles still on. Here you see part of the front of the roof has been removed.

Whew! All the decking is off. You can see the power lines that we had to work around just over the husband's head. (And notice those sexy coveralls that he's wearing! Santa sure knows what to bring a guy who's remodeling a house!)
After the shingles and decking were gone, we started removing the joists under the decking. These boards are 2x6x16, so we saved them. We're hoping to use them on the new barn, when we get to that.

Using a 2x4 that we'd already removed to push down the last section of the roofing.

Tools in action!
See that enormous beam going across the entire picture? Turns out it was held up with three nails. It made a rather loud crashing noise when it came down... and the husband was triumphant!

One more to go... the perimeter of the carport was constructed of 6 4x10x12 cedar beams. We're saving the beams to use in the new barn. We're also saving the decking from the ceiling of the carport for roof decking for the addition, since it's 3/8 in. plywood in excellent condition.

And... it's gone! Well, not entirely... we still have to take down the metal support posts and patch the driveway, but that can wait.

We also have several HUGE piles of materials that have to either be hauled off to the dump or disassembled further and stacked. We have probably 50 2x6x12 or longer white pine boards, not to mention the beams and decking. We're hoping to use it for future projects on the house, because lumber is expensive and we'd just as soon reuse stuff than buy new.

Many, many thanks to both Foxfire and Fuzzypony for their help with everything. Y'all made the demo go so much faster!

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