Sunday, January 24, 2010

Move-in day: Saturday

On Saturday, January 23, we move the horses to the property.

All in all it was a fairly uneventful move. While Fuzzypony and I went to pick up the four-foots, the husband and the father-in-law did a few last-minute tasks to get ready.

They filled up the water trough in the sacrifice paddock.

And hung the gate, properly (with bolts!) this time. (Horse blanket are the blob in the picture.)

We arrived with the boys around 10 a.m., and they promptly dove into the grass.

Red did sample to round bale to see if it was edible. He gave it two hooves up, but decided that the grass was more exciting.

After we dropped off the horses, we headed to the feed store. A neighbor recommended J & B Feed and Hay, which is about 15 minutes from the house. While their Web site is nothing to write home about, the store itself is great. Nice hay, very reasonable prices, and very, very helpful folks. I got two round bales and they are going to keep the other one for me until next week, when I can get back to pick it up.

The new feed room is in the shed. We got 300 lbs of grain for Saga since he gets 3x as much as Red does. Here are the spare bags stacked on a pallet.

And our neatly-stacked feed bins. One for Saga, one for Red, one for Anie, and one for the chickens. We decided to put everything as close as possible to where the actual feeding would take place. So far (after three feedings) it seems to be working well!

Starting to look like a real far... barnlike object, horses, fencing... yeah, we're going to love living here!

It was a good, good day. It finally feels like this place is coming together!

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