Sunday, January 31, 2010

This, that, and these other 571 things we did

This weekend was simply amazing. With the help of both kiddos and the the in-laws, we got a tremendous amount done, and I'm happy to say that my holy-crap-we-have-a-lot-to-do-list is down significantly. Here's the weekend recap:

Last Thursday and Friday, the hubby and I headed down to the house after work to get some wiring done in the kid's bathroom. We wired and hung two canister lights and two accent lights, all on one circuit. The canister lights are in place and functional, the accent lights will be added after we texture and paint. We installed a vet fan as well, over where the toilet will go.

Check it out: canister light over the tub (on the left), one in the middle of the room (on the right) and the new vent. It actually took two evenings to install and wire these suckers, and my poor hubby ended up doing quite a lot of crawling around in the attic, poor man.

We hung all the drywall in the bathroom, and I taped and floated the whole thing. While there is still at least one more round of floating to do, and maybe two because I'm not very good at it, we're getting there!

In preparation for hanging the drywall, we had to cap off the old galvanized water pipes that were sticking out of the wall. We couldn't get the old fittings off regardless of what size pipe wrench we used, so we ended up cutting the pipes and putting a PVC compression fitting on them, with a cap on the top. It's a kludge, but functional and the only way to go if you have no way to re-thread the pipe.

Drywall is all hung. Woo-hoo!

Cutting all these little holes in the drywall before hanging it is quite challenging and very time consuming. But for some reason, we managed to get it right the first time, so we must've done something right!

Stub-outs for the accent lights. There will be a mirror or a medicine cabinet between the two lights when this is all finished.

Not too bad, if I do say so myself. Just needs a bit of sanding after it drys, then it will be ready for texture and paint!

Drywall above the bathroom door (yeah, nothing more exciting than watching drywall mud dry, but then, what are you doing reading this blog and looking at these pictures???)

The kids and the in-laws painted my stepdaughter's room. Purple. All of it. And I mean, HOLY COW IT IS PURPLE. I may have to wear sunglasses just to go in there. Fortunately, it makes my stepdaughter very, very happy! Also fortunately, I don't have to live in there.

The hubby's dad working on the first coat of purple. A nice, light shade, don't you think?

The hubby's mom painting the closet.

The finished product, complete with polka-dots! Ye gods, that is PURPLE! I guess they call that shade "purple dragon" for a reason. But the kiddo LOVES it, and that's what's important!

My stepson's room also got partly painted. He chose a fairly innocuous off-white for most of it, but will do a blue accent wall, which has not yet been painted due to drywall repair on that wall.

Giant ball of tape that we peeled off after finishing painting.

We also started tiling the tub surround. This is painful and frustratingly slow, but we got the first layer done on two of the three sides. Yay!

Back wall of the tub, layer 1.

Side wall of the tub, layer 1.

We also did a gazillion other little things, including getting another round bale and make an area for it in the sacrifice paddock. It's just not working to feed square bales 3 times a day when the horses are in (we had rain the other day and the pasture is muddy), especially when the in-laws have to do it. So, a round bale. It will be a bunch of trial and experience, I think, until we figure out what works best for all the critters and is the least amount of work, but we'll get it... eventually.

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