Monday, January 25, 2010

What you do in your spare time when you're moving to a farmlet

In case you haven't noticed, we have quite a collection of critters. Three dogs, two horses (three if you count my retired eventer who lives at a retirement farm), 11 chickens, and a cat.

To this, my husband wants to add a few dairy goats. I'm game with this, but um, not just yet. We have to, like, move in and stuff first.

I know, details.

So here we are, at 10 at night, listening to goat sounds on the Internet. I kid you not (no pun intended). Because obviously we have nothing better to do with our spare time... like, oh, I don't know, pack so we can move in* or something.

Let me share in the wealth (Warning: this will scare the tar out of any pets you might have. Possibly your children too. And in our case, your spouse... that's me.)

And my personal favorite:
(All goat sounds courtesy of

On that note, I am going to bed. And so help me if my husband brings home any goats this weekend.

* Note: Packing does us almost no good as we have no place to put the stuff in the new house. Still haven't started painting yet, and of course we have no working bathrooms... but those details are for another post!

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