Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Ford Diesel Truck Convention

Today was extremely productive, although this is going to be another short post because, once again, I'm too tired to write something longer. Many thanks to Fuzzypony for helping us out again today!

Today was a truck-filled day. We used both our truck and Fuzzypony's (THANK YOU for the loan!) for everything - I have no idea what people do without big diesel trucks!

First, we unloaded Sean's new toy that we picked up yesterday (with Fuzzypony's truck) - an early 1990's model Craftsman GT 6000 garden tractor. It's not pretty, but it works well, has a 44 inch mowing deck and top speed is something like 20 mph. I shudder to think of the kids driving a riding lawnmower at 20 mph around the property... eek!

Note the maniacal grin. Good thing that's not a real tractor... ;)

Just after we finished that, the guy came to deliver the round pen we purchased. We got a good deal on the panels, and they're really versatile, so it seemed like a good thing to buy. More on that later.

Next, we took a load of roofing materials to the city dump. It looks like we have about another half-load of stuff to go, but we can handle that later in the week. We also talked to the local handyman, who agreed to haul all the metal off to the dump tomorrow. It's worth a little money to recycle it (about $6.50 per 100 lbs), but considering how much time it would take us to do it, we figured we're better off having someone do it for us and get the money instead.

Then, Fuzzypony and I took both trucks and picked up mulch for the sacrifice paddock for the horses. While we were doing that, the husband took his angle grinder and cut down the 6 metal posts that were all that was left of the carport demo. The carport is now entirely, completely gone, except for one load of trash and the bits we are saving to reuse. We still need to patch the places where the posts were, but it's done!

When we got back, we spent the next hour unloading and spreading the mulch we'd picked up.

Looks like an advertisement for Ford Diesel Trucks!

Fuzzypony unloading mulch to put it under the shed.

With the truck empty, we picked up the panels from near the front gate where they were dropped off and hauled them out back.

Check it out! Sacrifice paddock has been built!

It's starting to look like horses should live here, don't you think?

We still need to run the electric fence, install water troughs and feed buckets, and a few more things, but it's almost ready for the horses!

Weird picture of the day - Fuzzypony ran over this wrench with our magnetic sweeper, then ran over some metal shavings from where the husband cut down the carport poles with his angle grinder. The wrench was magnetized and the metal shavings stuck to it!

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  1. A sacrifice pen! That is such a good idea. That will be such a huuuuuuge benefit!