Sunday, January 24, 2010

Move-in day: Sunday

Today, we moved the chickens and Anie down to the house.

We are now referring to our Volkswagen Jetta as "the farm Jetta," since we managed to move 11 chickens and one Great Pyrenees, along with assorted other stuff, in it. Pretty impressive, but boy does it need vacuuming now!

Yesterday after moving the horses in, we spent the rest of the day building the chicken coop and doing other various assorted chores. We ended up converting the back end of the shed into the coop; the front end is the feed/tack/storage room.

View of the coop from the feed room part of the shed. (The corner of the chop saw indicates we were still working on it when I took this picture. )

Nuggets have been moved in to the corner of the coop.

Hens sunbathing in the feed room part of the coop. I kept trying to chase them out but they weren't having it.

Cutting a hole in the door for the chickens.

The nesting boxes. We're hoping that better nesting options means more eggs.

Here's what the view looks like from the back corner of the coop, looking into the feed room. We hadn't installed the door yet.

We had one very intrepid chicken - we kept finding her waaay far away from the other girls. I think her name may be Indiana Chicken Jones.

Anie did great with the horses and the chickens. After checking out the new place, she found a spot in the shade of the guest house to snooze and keep and eye on things. We had a couple of folks walk by with their dogs, and the first time Anie ran over and barked at them a few times. After that, she made sure to watch everyone, but didn't make a fuss over it.

Sean's mom poses with Anie and her poodle, Teddy. It's like Me and Mini-me!

Even guardian dogs need a break sometime!

Sean's parents are staying on the property in their RV and caring for everyone, which is very, very kind of them.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that there are horses in our back field?

Really handsome (but slightly fuzzy) horses... :)

That are apparently itchy! (Saga is scratching behind his ear with this hind hoof.)

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