Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Almost done!

It's official, we're almost done with the kid's bathroom!

This last weekend, we again had a ton of help. Alexis came up from Houston, the kids and the parents-in-law helped paint and run errands and lots of other odds-and-ends, and Britta came to help with tile. As usual, we got an incredible amount done!

Friday night, the hubby and Britta were at the house till midnight grouting the tile in the tub surround. Doesn't it look awesome?

Saturday, Alexis and Britta laid tile in the utility room and then Alexis did most of the plumbing in the bathroom.

Toilet is in, vanity is in progress. Do you know how much easier it is to plumb the sink if you do all the work before you drop the sink in? Tricks of the trade... we're learning them!

Sunday, we installed the medicine cabinet and the last light fixtures.

Volia! The (almost) finished product!

Just a bit of painting to do on the trimwork and some more caulking to do, and then seal the tile, and this baby is DONE! Woohoo!

Isn't it just beautiful?

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