Monday, February 15, 2010

The utility room

One of the big, must-happen-before-move-in projects has been getting the utility room back together. You see, the water heater tank goes in the utility room, and I consider hot water to be a requirement in any house I'm going to live in for more than, say, 12 hours. Especially when I want to take a hot shower to get the drywall dust off me.

So, part of this weekend was spent getting the utility room back in order. One wall was partly ripped out because of the plumbing, and one wall was partly ripped out because of the electrical work.

This wall covers all the wiring that goes to the main electrical panel for the house. The two holes that we left in the wall are for the junction boxes (code says you must have access to these).

Post taping and floating. We still need to put the junction box covers on and wire the plug for the dryer (lower right corner).

Here's the wall with the plumbing for the water heater, as well as the electrical wiring for the heater. At the bottom you can see we ripped out the entire piece of drywall from about 4 feet on down and replaced it - it was in really bad shape from probably 4 or 5 repairs.

The same wall, post taping and floating. It still needs primer and paint, and of course those little silver covers that hide the holes in the wall that the pipe fittings make.

Beautiful tiled and grouted floor! It needs to be dehazed and sealed still, but it's almost done!

Sooo, later this week we'll be dehazing the tile floor and sealing it, as well as priming and painting the walls. Then, the water heater will be installed, and we can install the shiny new front-loading washer and dryer I ordered tonight. And then... then we can have hot water and clean clothes!

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