Monday, February 22, 2010

Moving (yeah, seriously!)

This weekend, we moved in.

Well, OK, we moved all of the stuff out of the old house that we didn't need to stage it for sale. Which still leaves a goodly amount of furniture, but the new house also has furniture, and it almost looks like someone could live there!

I really, really need to thank Fuzzypony and Foxfire, not to mention the parents-in-law, for all the incredible help they gave us this weekend. On a half-hours' notice (a window in the constant drizzle on Saturday), Foxfire and his wife, along with Fuzzypony, arrived at our house with their trucks to help move the majority of the furniture. I have to say, we are incredibly lucky to have friends like ours; not many folks out there would do something like this. So from the bottom of my (and the hubby's) heart, THANK YOU. There is a steak dinner with your name on it when we finally finish getting settled - but before next year, I promise!

The new washer and dryer were delivered on Friday. Notice the stack of laundry already waiting to be done - we don't waste much time around here.

Moving everything and setting it up in the new house took most of Saturday. We actually ended up making three trips with our truck along with one trip with all three trucks. There's still a lot of stuff to go, but mostly it's furniture that has to stay until the house is sold, or clothes, or stuff in drawers. We get to pack that over the next week or so.

My stepson's room.

My stepdaughter's purple room gets some furniture!

Our bedroom, which will eventually be the guest bedroom.

The den. This has been the "tool room," and if you saw it in that state, you'll agree that this is a pretty impressive transformation.

Other side of the den. Our old leather couches actually look pretty good in here! We can sit on the couch and watch the horses and chickens out the back window... who needs TV?

Sunday we focused on getting the house up north put back together after moving Saturday. We re-organized my stepdaughter's room and turned my stepson's room into an office, since we really needed his bed in the new house. My stepdaughter's bed is staying here until the house sells, but M.C. was kind enough to loan us her futon, so she'll be sleeping on that for the foreseeable future. Thank you M.C.! We cleaned up the living room and reorganized the furniture in there too - it look so bare now, but then we did have it pretty packed with funiture! The strangest thing, though, is that the fridge is bare. We usually have it covered with magnets from trips we've taken, report cards, school calendars, and other odds-and-ends, but now, it's... bare. How depressing.

And the garage! OMG my hubby and Foxfire, along with my father-in-law, cleaned our garage out! I had no idea that we had so much room in there! There's even a floor! Too bad we're moving; we could have used that space to park cars or something. As for what they did with all that stuff... nobody's told me, and I'm not asking.

Since most potential buyers aren't interested in keeping chickens, we had to tear out the chicken coop and the garden in the back yard, and haul that off to the dump. It took the hubby and Foxfire about an hour to do all this, which is just amazing. We finally made it down to the dump, along with yet another load of stuff in the other three vehicles, at about 3 p.m. on Sunday. At that point, we were all pretty exhausted, but the hubby and I managed to find energy for one more thing... the whole purpose of why we bought the property.

We rode the horses. Out the gate, to the trails right behind the house. For an hour and a half. It was awesome.

But, that's for another entry. When we got back, my parents-in-law - who, BTW, are THE BEST PARENTS-IN-LAW EVER - had made us dinner, complete with a bottle of wine, and set it up for us on the "dining room table" (i.e. a plastic folding table, since our real table is still at the house up north). So, the hubby and I got to eat our very first dinner together at the new house. Unfortunately, we weren't able to stay, since we had to head back north to take care of some things on the old house. So the first night in the old house will have to wait.

Lasagna dinner, courtesy of my incredibly awesome parents-in-law. Don't you wish you had parents-in-law like mine???

Unfortunately, my hubby is out of town for the next few weeks, so the kiddos and I will be moving down, for real, this weekend, although I may spend a few nights there this week. But we're so close to moving, and it's very exciting to actually have the new place start looking like our home!

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