Tuesday, February 16, 2010


A huge part of this last weekend was trying to finish up as much of the painting as possible so we can start moving stuff in. The kids were a big help with this one, and we ended up taking lots of pictures of the process... so I'll just let the pictures explain!

Kiddo #2's room is complete! Check out that beautiful blue wall. He loves it!

He's already moved all his games in his closet.

Kiddo #1's room, which has been done for a bit, now includes a fuzzy purple reading chair. The purple is taking over! Fortunately it hasn't escaped the bedroom yet. :)

My mother-in-law painting the hallway.

Husband's dad doing even more painting.

Kiddo #2 demonstrates the lovely painted hallway.

Painting the entrance to the guest bedroom.

The painted guest bedroom, which will be our bedroom until we put the addition on.

Me texturing the utility room.

Elias didn't help with painting... but he's cute!

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