Monday, February 8, 2010

The Bathroom

Once again, our good friend Alexis and his wife came from Houston to help us with the tile this weekend. And boy, did we make some impressive headway on the bathroom!

Back and side wall being built up. We made the mistake of not matching the pattern on the corners, and instead basing the pattern off of a single large tile in the middle of each wall. We also picked a pattern that's really a pain in the butt to do. Oh well, lesson learned.

Building up the side wall.

Back wall completely built, ~10:30 on Saturday night. Not too shabby!

Back and side wall complete!

The floor also got grouted, which means we just have to seal it and we can install the toilet and the vanity! Woohoo!

Beadboard is up and primed. Unfortunately, it needs to be sanded and primed again.

Starting to look like a bathroom... well, minus the toilet and vanity, but still!

Who knew that a taped, floated, textured, primed wall could be so pretty? Yeah, I know it's plain, but a lot of work went into getting it to be like this!

We still have plenty to do to make the bathroom fully-functional, but it's getting closer every day! Hopefully by next weekend, it will be mostly done except for the trim work and whatnot.

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