Monday, February 8, 2010


So, I have news on the bathroom over the weekend (all good) but am waiting for the pictures from it, so I'll post what I've got.

First off: The horses are slogging around in the mud in their sacrifice paddock. We've had a BUNCH of rain in the last week, and it turns out that the sacrifice paddock, especially the part under the shed eves, is a low spot in the land. Just our luck. The mulch we put in, plus the wood chips that the City delivered (free of charge!) last week, have helped a little bit, but it's very, very muddy with standing water. Ick. Did I mention that more rain is expected in the next week? A barn with a real sacrifice paddock - one that doesn't turn into mud - is going to be really high on the priority list before too much longer!

Saga standing in the rain.

On the bright side, the round bale that we got and put under the shed row seems to be working well. I love the art forms the horses munch in round bales!

Red peering out from behind the round bale. I always wonder what horses think when they see a new round bale - after all, it's a pile of food taller than they are!

We also spent our first nights at the house last week - Thursday and Friday nights, although we were in the camper. We got drywall and tile work done, and after that we were desperate for something to relax and drink. We found some black box wine in the camper from our trip over Christmas, and since we were out of wine glasses, we made do with a mug.

Classy, no? Miz Manners would never approve!

Anie continues to work well as a guard dog. Nobody walks by our house without her noticing, and she's always there to greet us when we get home. I groom her daily, which she adores. Over the weekend we heard coyotes singing in the back woods, and she howled right back - and barked, quite a lot. But she never seems to bark unless there's a reason, so I know she's doing her job.

Anie hard at work (haha!). I love how she's picked the shady spot under the tree in this picture.

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