Monday, May 17, 2010


Our three new hens have finally all come online, including the Americauna, who is laying green eggs.

The new eggs are quite small - on the right is one of the eggs from an older Hyline hen. And yes, of course we have green eggs and ham with the Americauna eggs. :)

We have also been trying to figure out where the Hylines are laying their eggs. Suddenly we weren't getting many large eggs, and I was wondering where they were hiding them. Never mind that they have 10 lovely nesting boxes in their coop, apparently those weren't good enough. No, the hubby finally found the nest in some tall grass where the horses don't graze.

10 eggs to add to our collection!

We've been eating a lot of quiche and other eggy things lately. I think I may have to make some tirimisu before too much longer to use up more eggs, since we still have over two dozen in the fridge. If anyone has any recipes that use up a lot of eggs, please post them in the comments!

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