Sunday, May 2, 2010

A toast to good friends

Late in the week, I had a fairly major calamity involving my iPhone. On the same day, we got an offer in on the house. I desperately needed my phone to negotiate the contract, but didn't have it. The hubby was in Alaska, so I couldn't use his phone, and repeated trips to the AT&T store availed me nothing in terms of getting a new phone (it's a long story and not worth telling, but the bottom line is, if you're married and have different last names, be DAMN SURE you are both listed on the account as having the ability to alter the account). I was so mad I was about in tears, and buying a $20 single use phone from Wal-mart looked to be my only alternative.

Enter FuzzyPony. She drove down to my house (45 minutes in traffic) after she got off work so I could use her phone. All night. Including calls to the hubby in Alaska and my Realtor about the house. I bought her dinner and a case of hard cider (her favorite), but frankly it doesn't seem like much considering that she saved my sanity that night.

Then, the next day, I was telling my tale of woe (WOE!) to another friend, who offered to send me her old iPhone until I could get one of the new 4G iPhones when they come out in June or July. And lo, not thirty minutes after we started talking, her old iPhone was in the overnight mail, and delivered bright and early yesterday morning.

Sometimes, the generosity of my friends is overwhelming. Here's to both of you (you know who you are!) with many, many thanks and a toast to good friendship! I truly hope I may one day be able to repay the favors, with interest.

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