Monday, May 31, 2010

UPDATE: Kitteh finds home!

Many, many thanks to LB for adopting the black kitten! Rumor has it he will be going by "Lucky" from here on out, and he certainly is VERY lucky to find such a good, loving home.

In the last week, the little guy went from being quite feral and living in the wood pile in front of the guest house to being a complete love bug and living in our house, much to the disgust of Freya and Bailey (the other cats) and the interest of Elias (our Malamutant). Wednesday he went to the vet for a check-up and to be tested for all the nasties. The vet gave him a clean bill of health, a vaccine schedule, and placed the little guy at only about FIVE weeks.

After a week of nearly constant eating, he's starting to fill out a bit. He still doesn't have a lot of muscle mass but now has a "Budda Belly," since his favorite past-time is eating. In the last two days, he finally became healthy enough to have the energy to play, so we've been making the most of strings and other kitty-toy like objects (although Elias did object when the kitten tried to play with his Kong).

Before he went to his new life, I took a few pictures and a video of Teh Kyoot:

Vanquishing the String of Doom!

Hah! Got it again!


Kittens are just sooo amusing to watch!

And of course, the obligatory cuddle pictures:

Oooh! Yes! That ear! Scratch that ear!!!

I believe one of the tenants of Being Cute (according to the experts at Cute Overload) is dangling your paw. Here the kitten practices.

And for the money, the cute cuddle shot.

Here's hoping that Mr. Kitten has a great new home and settles in well. Many thanks go to all the folks who helped me find a home for him, especially E. who seems to know everyone who might be susceptible to a cute face. Thanks E.!!!


  1. He is SUCH a sweet kitty and I'm so glad he's found a home. I'm still amazed at how completely unphased he was by everything and everyone!

  2. I'm sorry, did I really just type "unphased"????? Oh dear. They're going to come take away my writing credentials. "Unfazed." Sheesh.