Saturday, October 30, 2010

Curiosity and the cat chickens

I think it was Funder who asked if I was concerned about our new mouser-kitties, Maddy and Artemis, chasing (and potentially catching and killing) the chickens. So I took this short video to prove that if you've got cats and chickens, you probably should worry more about the chickens chasing the cats.

Maddy vs. the chickens

Chickens are strange little creatures...


  1. The chickens will follow Cersei (and us) around like that. We think they're hoping one of us mammals drops dead so they can eat us. Little dinosaurs!

    I've decided I really don't have the bandwidth to deal with a feral right now. Maybe next year?

  2. Mine chickens do that too - follow me around! I keep telling myself that they're hoping I'll kick up some bugs for them to eat, but still...

    And you don't need to get a feral cat. Both Maddy and Artemis are quite friendly but very definitely not housecats. I'm sure you could find one of those at your local shelter when you decide it's time for a mouser-kitty.

  3. Well, I'd look through the housecats too, but I don't want to adopt a kitty that has a chance of living a happy indoor life. Being an outdoor cat is a dangerous life, and I just want a cat that's only suited to that.