Friday, October 8, 2010

Uniquely Austin

The other night, we decided to try out something that seems to be more or less uniquely Austin - trailer food. On south Congress and south First streets, as well as near Barton Springs, there are literally trailers (sometimes Airstreams!) that sell food. And we're not talking sno cones, oh no, we're talking some really gourmet items.

Mighty Cones, our choice for dinner.

The place we tried tonight was on south Congress near Elizabeth street, called Mighty Cones. I got a chicken-avocado cone and the hubby got a shrimp-avocado cone. The cones are essentially fried chicken or shrimp, plus fried avocado (oh, sorry, "fried" is a bad word... they call it "deep sauteed") with some chopped cabbage and a spicy sauce, all wrapped in a flour tortilla and tucked into a paper cone for easy handling. YUM!

The hubby awaits our food.

The cones were pretty tasty, and we'd definitely go back. I also want to try out Flip Happy Crepes, which gets rave reviews, and of course there's Gordough's, which has donuts with strange fillings (including a bacon donut. Eeek.) I've also heard good things about The Odd Duck (no web site that I could find), so we may have to go there next time we're out. Did I mention that a bunch of these trailers are on the way home from work? Dangerous.

If you're in Austin, check out Austin Food Carts for a good listing of what's around. The map of all the carts is especially helpful. Bon appetit!


  1. If you get the urge for a sno-cone or frozen yogurt, check out Ice Queens on Rosewood & 12th, owned by my Roller Derby pals!!!/icequeens

  2. Given you don't like really rich, really sweet foods, you probably won't like Gourdough's all that much. One donut would probably feed your whole family!

    Here's a link to Odd Duck: