Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mid-week kitteh

Last week, I got the kitties new scratching posts. With catnip.


Freya got really into it.

Checking out the goods.

Bailey stops by to inspect too.


Catnip. I love eeet!


  1. LOL, are you trying to distract them from finishing off that carpeted step? Ours really like the x-shaped cardboard scratchers.

  2. Actually, I am hoping they finish off that carpeted step sooner rather than later. Then I will be forced to rip up that nasty carpet and put down some lovely tile (and a hardwood step that matches the beautiful oak floors in the rest of the house) instead!

  3. Ginny liked the scratching post, too. I didn't realize it was a recent addition. I've been impressed with Ginny - at home she uses the expensive scratching thingy that I bought for her predecessor (who disdained to use it), and I take her to another house and she uses the appropriate object for scratching there, too. Most cats are not so obliging. (Ours, of course, are exceptional!)