Monday, October 18, 2010

Why yes, my husband was out of the country. Why do you ask?

Sometimes my husband travels - A LOT. For the last two weeks, he's been out of the country - first to Australia, then to Edinburgh, then London. It was a round-the-world adventure.

Also if you know me (or if you read this long enough), you'll know that things only break in really seriously major ways when he's gone. The further away he is, the worse it breaks. It's Murphy's law of travel, as far as I can tell. Last time he was out of the country, the shed roof fell down. Before that, I think the tub completely stopped up.

This time, on the way in to work, I ran over a stick (a stick!) and ruptured the CV boot on our Jetta. Woohoo!

See all that thick black grease on the inside of the tire? That's CV joint grease. It's supposed to be in the CV boot, not all over the tire.

Because the noise it made was so loud and so immediate (I was afraid I'd damaged the CV joint as well), I pulled over and had the car towed. A very, very kind friend from work (you know who you are!) came to pick me up, since I was about a mile from campus. While I was waiting, I crawled around under the car a bit to take pics of the carnage. Because really, what else are you going to do with your camera phone?

At least the hubby is back in town now. Things may return to normal... or not. :)

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