Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I give up

There's just no point in looking at the forecast anymore. It's just too depressing.

And to add insult to injury, 75% of the state is in the worst drought in history. The last good rain we had at the house was in September 2010 when Hurricane Hermine came through around September 7... almost a YEAR ago. Since then I think we've had two small showers, less than 2 inches each.

I'm lucky - I have plenty of hay, and the boys have cool(ish) shady places. However, the pastures are burned crispy - the grass literally crunches when you walk on it. To save the pastures, the boys are only out on the track and have been since... I dunno, April? The grass will hopefully come back once it rains, but until then, it's a dry, brown wasteland.

Gah. I'm hoping for a nice tropical storm to dump 10 inches of rain on us. 15 or 20 inches would be even better. Temperatures below 100 degrees would be nice too, but I'd probably have to get out a sweatshirt - the mid-nineties sounds positively chilly!


  1. My sister has issued a standing invitation to the Irish midlands. They call 70 a heat wave, and - well, there's a reason that Ireland is so green.

  2. Yuk, Jen - come over here instead...We had a lovely morning hunting, saw one of last year's puppies on her first day out (she hunted like a demon!) and had a couple of nice torrential downpours once we got home....Very good hunting in Ireland too, of course ;-)

  3. Ooooh, what a choice I have to make! Reno, Ireland, or Exmoor? Gosh, that's tough... maybe I'll head to Reno for a week to enjoy the mountains, then stop off in Ireland for a bit to take in the music. Finally, I can head to Exmoor (via Southampton where I can drop the hubby off at the uni) and get in some hunting before it gets too cold.

    Now, do you suppose I can cram Red in the overhead bin? Saga's too big, he will have to go cargo I'm sure. Cash will likely require a first-class seat...