Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mid-week critter - It's true what they say

You know how they say if you cut your hair, you look 10 pounds thinner and 5 years younger?

Here's Anie, pre-de-poofing.

And here she is, de-poofed. I'm pretty sure we got at least 10 pounds of hair off her! We left the hair on her legs, belly, and tail, for protection.

It took nearly a week to completely clip her. I tried just using the clippers, (Andis with #4 blades), but she had so much hair that it wasn't working very well. I ended up trimming her with scissors, then brushing her out, then trimming and brushing again, then perhaps one more trim/brush routine, before finally taking the clippers to her. I did this in small sections on her body, because she would get tired of me messing with her, and because after about 15 minutes the clippers would get warm. Despite daily brushings, she had some mats deep down in her 4-inch coat, which I felt really bad about.

She's also more active now without the poof. Her abscess has healed well and she's back to her old self! It's also amazing how quickly her coat is growing back in - even just a week after being clipped, she's got an inch of coat that needs daily brushing.