Monday, August 8, 2011


Last Wednesday morning, I noticed that Reddums wasn't quite himself. He didn't come up for breakfast (gasp!) and was standing on the east side track looking... sort of distracted. I watched him while I took care of morning chores, and he didn't actually seem to be in any sort of distress - no lying down or looking at his sides or limping or anything. He just looked funny.

I went out and checked his feet (nothing) and listened to his gut sounds (disturbingly faint) and checked hydration levels (normal). I shooed him up to the barn where he got a drink and ran Saga off his alfalfa - in other words, he acted completely normal. I was a bit concerned to have to leave him but dutifully headed to work anyway, and when I got home he was completely fine.

Well, this morning I figured out what was causing the problem:

Why yes, that is in fact a half-digested plastic carrot bag.

About a month ago, I left Red unattended in the barn aisle for a few minutes. He took the opportunity to knock over several bins of brushes, throw the fly spray bottle across the aisle, and eat the remainder of a bag of carrots. At the time, I couldn't find the bag, so I figured it had blown away as it was rather windy. What I never thought might happen was that he had also consumed the bag itself. Jeez.

I always had him figured for such a smart pony, too.


  1. Whoa - I thought only dogs would do that. Glad he's okay :)

  2. WOW! I bet you had a heartattack when you found that this morning!

  3. PS I cannot believe that piece of plastic sat in his hindgut somewhere for a MONTH!

  4. Dressager, CFS, I'm glad he's OK too. Talk about a near miss! I wonder how many lives horses have? I think Reddums used one on this!

    Andrea, yeah, I about keeled over when I saw that at 6:15 this morning! I had to look twice - it was one of those "No, it couldn't be..." moments. Then I was imagining the vet bill if it HADN'T made it through on its own... Yikes!

  5. Well, at least we know how long it takes plastic to get through the cecum. Does blogging about it count as publication? Now no one else will have to repeat the experiment!

  6. I will bring carrots only in environmentally friendly paper bags from now on. Or maybe I'll just unwrap them and give them to Red. Then everyone will be happy.

  7. @ Calm, Forward, Straight (and Jen, of course):

    Our boxer, Fiona, has consumed a bag of tomatoes on the vine (leaving the vine); an entire bunch of bananas, leaving NO TRACE WHATSOEVER; taken a 5-lb. bag of potatoes, leaving nibbled-on taters throughout the house (including in my bed); her last larceny was to steal a bag of Riesen chocolate caramels and consume them all, including wrappers. (Yes, I know dogs aren't supposed to eat chocolate. I thought it was safely out of reach... haha)

    Plastic bags = evil.