Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beware the fridge

About two weeks ago, I hired a friend-of-a-friend, MG, to come over a few times a week (when she has time) to do a little extra cleaning for me. I can keep up with dishes, laundry, and vacuuming, but things like dusting ceiling fans, mopping the hardwood floors, and cleaning out the fridge often elude me. So I didn't feel like I needed a cleaning service, but I needed some help.

And let me tell you, this is turning out to be one of the the best decisions I've made. I positively LOVE it - I come home from work and it's like a treasure hunt. Last week I was washing my hands at the kitchen sink, looked up, and went "OH MY GOODNESS!" MG had cleaned the kitchen window, and suddenly I could see that we had Pastures! With Horses! And Trees! I didn't actually realize the window was so dirty, but wow, what a different.

And then the next morning I opened the microwave to heat my chai and IT WAS SPOTLESS. It was like a little present - I had no idea that MG had cleaned it, but it looked so nice! I sent her a quick little thank-you text, 'cause I want her to know that what she does is noticed and very much appreciated.

As it turns out, MG has a wicked sense of humor. This week I asked her to tackle the fridge and its science-experiment-like contents. So I'm at work and I get this little text message:

MG: Do you wish to keep this tasty tidbit? MMMmmmmm :P

[She had attached a picture of a Russel Stover chocolate egg left over from Easter. I mean, I sort of vaguely remember putting it in there... maybe???]

Me: How embarrassing... If u find any new life forms in there, just put the lid back on and leave them on the counter :)

MG: Nooooo! You should see some of the VERY creative things I find in my own fridge... :)

Me: Oh good I feel better. Maybe we can donate them to science?

MG: Yes! Especially those things that have started their own HOA and shopping malls. I SWEAR that my sourdough starter now has its own tax base...

Me: A coworker has a kombucha scoby in her fridge. Grossest-looking thing EVER. Even worse than slime molds in the sour cream. And if the starter has a tax base, I hope the collection goes to pay for the electric bill for the fridge!

MG: Unfortunately I can no longer even open the crock!!!

Me: Oho! They have sealed off all outsiders! Elitists!

MG: Exactly... hence my concerns regarding a late-night overthow of the current regime (me). I can see it now... and it won't be pretty!

Me: Bolt your door! Sleep with a firearm!

MG: Firearms do no good against yeasty masses... Blowtorch, perhaps?

Me: Oooh good idea! There's one in the workshop. :)

MG: Now I can rest easy at night, knowing that come morning I will still rule over my domain AND that there will be fresh-baked bread for breakfast, should there be any *ahem* uprisings.

Me: Uprising. Ouch.

A clean fridge AND some comedic relief! What more could one ask for?


  1. Dusting ceiling fans? You have to dust ceiling fans?
    (Yeah, I'm jealous.)

  2. Meidhbhe, I haven't turned off my ceiling fans since March, I think. I'm afraid of what I might find when I do...

  3. I'm pretty sure you'll find pet hair, when you do. My only real complaint about our housekeeper is that she doesn't do all that much dusting. But every once in awhile, she'll organize the closets, or something like that. A little present, as you say.