Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mid-week stretchy critter

As part of her stint as an indoor kitty, Maddy discovered that she liked being held upside-down.

When held this way, she had a tendency to go completely limp and boneless. It's sorta like holding a fuzzy slinky.

And then she discovered that she could do the best stretches evar in this position. I'm sure this pose has a name... maybe she's channeling Isadora Duncan?

What can I say... my critters are strange. Good thing they're cute too!


  1. Cool cat! Makes me wish ours weren't outdoor semi-feral types(!)

  2. This makes me miss my kitties.

  3. That is so awesome. Our cat Sundance used to do that, and yes, a furry slinky is exactly it. Such fun

  4. LOL! That is too funny! My cat would scratch my eyeballs out if I tried to put her upside-down... she's a princess, you know. Maddy is such a cool kitty. :)

  5. Maddy IS a super-cool kitty, and I'm so glad we adopted her. Nic, she's supposed to be an outdoor huntress-cat, but she seems to be coming in now and then even though her paw has healed. I have NO IDEA how this happens, of course, and it has nothing to do with me bringing her in... really it doesn't! in2paints, any of the other cats would scratch me to ribbons if I tried that with them, but hey, there's always a special one!