Friday, March 9, 2012

Maddy-Moo lives up to her name

Maddy has earned a variety of nicknames since she came to live at Wyvern Oaks. She started off as Madelaine, which quickly got shortened to Maddy. Although she was emaciated when we brought her home, she quickly gained weight to the point that she was, shall we say, plumper than she should be. I started calling her Maddy McFatty, and then Maddy Moo. Maddy Moo became Maddy Mooster, which in turn got shortened to Mooster, and occasionally The Moo... I could go on, but I'll spare you the pain. By now she's probably so confused that she has no idea what her name actually is, but she shows up at mealtimes so I guess all is well.

One of Maddy's more endearing traits is that she prefers to go through the garden fence rather than over it, like her sister Artemis does. When she was slimmer, this was easy, but now that she's less svelte, it's, um...

Sort of like squeezing out a tube of toothpaste, no? I should note that the way I managed to get her through the fence while I was filming was by having someone else rattle her food dish. I think I chose her nickname well.

Do you have "evolving" nicknames for your critters, or do you just stick with one?


  1. My previous dog, Dallas, had a bunch of nicknames. He went from Dallas, to Dude, to Fuzzman, to a bunch of other things. Same with the horse, his name is Rocky, I call him Dude and Rockman too. I don't think they mind as long as you mean it affectionately. That's funny how your cat goes thru the fence! lol

  2. Haha too funny!!!
    My poor dog Chester has countless names....somehow he knows to respond to every single one, no matter how stupid they sound. He somehow got nicknamed 'heeny' (who knows why) which in it's own has a whole host of sub-nicknames. Heeny dog, Heener Weiner, Heens....God love that poor dog.

  3. This is really funny! She kind of gets a nice massage while she is at it? ha.

  4. So Jabber is the younger of the cats, so she's the kitten - we call her The Kitten most of the time. She was quite small for the first year or so, but then she began to grow... sideways. I called her The Fat Kitten for a while, but it came out wrong once and I referred to her as The Fatten... and of course it stuck. Now we cackle whenever The Fatten lumbers down the hall, and we scream when she leaps on us with her tiny paws and huge gut. You appear to have a Fatten as well!

  5. Althea - Thea - Tia Maria
    Peggy - Peglet/Piggy - Piglet
    Ginny - the Ginster
    Dearg - Deargead - Airgead (ok - you have to speak Irish for that one!)
    Jerick - Jerry - Jerryman - Gerrymander - Salamander
    I could go on. No animal is safe. I have a new one for Cash, too.