Friday, March 23, 2012

Some ponies are just SO helpful (not)

Recently, Saga has gotten more of his old personality back. Whether it's the feed or the shoes or the Adequan or the spring weather that has him feeling more like a goofball, I don't know, but I'll take it! So he's sticking his nose - literally - into just about everything.  Tonight he was "helping" Fuzzypony spread the PDZ out in the barn.

 HiHiHI! DoYouNeedHelp? WhaddaryaDoing? WhatsInTheBucket?

 Lemmie just stick my nose in and... *SNOOOOORT*

Mom? What are you laughing at? Whaddya mean I have something on my nose? Mom? MOM?!?

In case you are wondering, PDZ is a nontoxic substance that bonds with ammonia to keep the smell down in the barn. So, no horses were harmed by the making of this blog post (with the possible exception of Saga's ego, since we laughed at him quite a lot).


  1. You can't help but say 'awwwww' at that cute little white moustache.
    I swear all horses just HAVE to snort in the PDZ bucket. Another conspiracy, me thinks.....

    1. So Saga's not the only one? Whew! I was starting to worry...

      At least YOURS are white-ish to start with...

  2. Think that is annoying/cute? Try doing chores with 25 alpacas wanting to sniff the shovel or wheel barrel xDD Adorable pictures!

    1. Alpacas are SO CUTE! I can't even imagine having them following me around. I'd never get anything done!