Thursday, April 19, 2012

I have NOTHING to wear!!!!

This weekend, there is a local hunter-jumper schooling show not far from me. I really, REALLY wanted to go, just for the hell of it. I was thinking about doing the 2’ beginner hunter classes. Because Saga jumps 2’ about like this:
WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Looks just like a hunter, doesn't he?

NOTE: Yes, I know, technically I’m not a beginner, because I’ve shown over 2’. But it’s been 12 years and it was on a different horse. And besides, I’m an eventer, so it doesn’t count. Right? Right.

 Probably this does not qualify me for the 2' beginner class, but let's pretend.

So I started chatting with my jumping instructor. I haven’t jumped Saga for about a month, but it’s not like he can’t jump and it’s not like it’s very high. Paige and I decide that it would probably work out.

(Translation: Paige would not have to go hide under a rock and pretend like she doesn’t know me if I decided to go to the show.) 

She didn’t have any lessons available this week, but I could come to the show grounds and school Friday afternoon. Uh, still mostly OK. I mean, I can hold it together with just one school the day before. Sure, no problem. Eventers are good at ‘getting around’ and ‘making it happen’.

But then we started to figure out the really tough issues:

Me: Should I wear my black jacket or my grey hunting tweed?

Paige: Wear your navy jacket.

Me: No navy. Black or grey.

Paige: ????? Wear the grey coat. With tan breeches.

Me: All my nice breeches are white. Full-seats.

 See? Black coat, white full-seat breeches. We look AWESOME in the dressage arena!

Paige: Full-seats are not allowed. You sure you don’t have anything tan?

Me: Well… I have one pair of tan breeches, but they suck.

Paige: Wear them anyway. And bring a brown bridle to match your jump saddle.

Me: Uhhhh… I have black bridles, or black bridles with white padding.

There was a long pause in our text conversation at this point. I’m pretty sure I could hear her eyes rolling, wondering WTF she had gotten herself into at this point. I did take a moment to check out Craigslist, where I found a nice used brown Stubben hunt bridle for $100. The inner tack whore in me wants that bridle…

Paige: I’ll bring you a bridle. 

Dammit, no new bridle for me. 

So, that’s why I’m not going to this H/J show this weekend: I don’t have a navy coat, nice tan breeches, or a brown bridle.  Fortunately, there’s a schooling dressage show NEXT weekend that we ARE going to. Hopefully THEY won’t mind my choice of attire.


  1. ROFL. You have to wear the right colors? of specific clothes? It's not good enough to just show up CLOTHED, period? Weird. ;)

    1. I know, right? Don't even get me started on the hairstyles. Oh, and the fact that I *should* have a standing martingale (for the look), even though my horse doesn't need one.

      Maybe I should borrow your smiley tights and wear those instead. ;)

  2. Maybe a nice open show with some hunter classes would be better for your wardrobe... at least the ones around here don't care what you wear. I see gals wearing polo shirts, breeches, paddock boots, and half chaps. Where I come from, chaps in any class other than western eq/pleasure will get you booted. It's a bit more lax here in NC.

    I think you should fake the funk and go anyway! :)

    1. Alternatively, I now have a reason to buy nice tan breeches and a new navy coat. I'm good with that (a girl can never have too many clothes, right?), but apparently I need a MONOGRAMMED choker for my shirt too. WTF?

  3. No, Saga does NOT look like a hunter at all, he looks like an EVENTER who wants to get out there and EVENT! ;)

    1. Oh right, good point. Sadly, the next unrated event here is July 1, and I'm out of town. I think maybe I should start planning for the fall season though. :)

  4. Saga looks so beautiful over that jump! I trained in mostly eventing but have done a few hunter shows, they're two different worlds! I think variety is fun thou, but eventing is never dull.

    1. Hahahaha, thanks! I think he and I look like a total train wreck, but it was our first time schooling XC and... at least he's clearing it well?

  5. Is it the CTHJA show at the Expo Center? PLEASE BE THERE SUNDAY!!! I'll be with my crew being the official media person. GAH THIS IS SO COOL!!!

    1. Yep, it's that one! I'll be there one day or the other to see a friend ride and also see what's up in the h/j world. Maybe I can sneak in a jumper schooling show later in the year?