Friday, February 12, 2016

I don't want to and you can't make me

Paddy's rehab has been trucking along. I've lost track of how many minutes we're trotting now, but we've been doing mostly straight lines out on the trails, at a very slow pace. I think we're supposed to start cantering in a week or so, but we'll see how things continue. If Paddy's leaping, bucking, and galloping out in the pasture is any indication, we'll be fine.

Heading out on the trail.

Last night, we went over to one of the flat fields where we work sometimes, so that we could actually trot some big circles and I could ask for "real" work. Problem is, certain Haffies have been off "real" work for going on three months now, and apparently they have no desire to be anything other than a trail-riding lawn ornament.

Look over there! It's a bird! No really, it's a bird. WTF.

Me: Ok, inside bend, check. Now, trot, Paddy!

Paddy: Trotting like a western pleasure Haffieeeee.

Me: A little more forward please.

Paddy: Too much effort. How about I hang my tongue out and put my nose on my chest? Nyaaaaaaa!

Me: (As giant glob of Haffie slobber from aforementioned tongue whapped me on the knee) FORWARD.

Paddy: NOPE!

Me: *pony club kicks*


Giant culvert is not scary but that's the path home. Just FYI.

He tried running, he tried sucking back. He tried throwing his head, he tried pulling me out of the saddle. Everything (i.e. nothing) was more interesting than me, so he couldn't possibly focus on what I was asking for more than a second. He fell in, he fell out, he threw his butt over 5 feet when I asked him for a little bend. Anything to get out of working properly. I kept my hands down and quiet, elbows relaxed, leg on, and owned the inside rein. We quit when he was able to give me a decent circle in each direction.

Normally we canter this stretch.

It's kind of funny how many evasions he can think up - he KNOWS what I want, but apparently coming up with the wrong answer is much more fun than doing it right. And his evasions are never dangerous, but they sure do keep me on my toes!

It's a good thing he's basically the most adorable thing ever. Otherwise I'd be posting a for sale notice.


  1. Yes you should definitely sell him.


  2. If only he'd put those smarts to better use... :P

  3. He is definitely way too adorable to sell. At least until you deck him out in racing gear for Halloween because he needs the whole outfit if he's going to play racing Haffie.

    1. Hahahaha... trying to picture my fat Haffie racing... fail.

  4. He's lucky he's so stinkin cute!! :D

  5. ha he just wants to make sure you're reeeeeeeeally sure that you're committed to that whole 'forward' nonsense lol

  6. He can be a lawn ornament trail horse at my house :D

  7. He is pretty damn cute...

    And hey - there's nothing wrong with a little western pleasure trot...

    I mean... for us westerners. ;-) I'd be happy to put him in a couple walk-trot-canter classes for ya. *heehee*

    1. A western pleasure trot definitely has its time and place... like when he's wearing a Western saddle. Which will be never. ;)