Monday, March 15, 2010


As I was walking around doing various horse and yard chores outside, I noticed the impressive variety of wildflowers just in the backyard. So I got down at flower level and took some pictures, then tried to ID them with my handy Wildflowers of Texas guide. There's nothing special in the mix, but I still enjoyed looking at them as I was working - quiet little bursts of color wherever my eyes happened to fall.

Common dandelion (aka a delicacy for the horses!)

Some sort of Primrose (I couldn't positively ID which type)

Some type of Anemone (I think); this one is white

Sandwort (I think)

Engleman's Salvia (we have a TON of this stuff)

Persian Speedwell (sadly, and introduced species, but very cute little flowers)

Carolina Anemone

The one I can't ID. It's EVERYWHERE, and the horses won't eat it. Argh! I'm down to pulling it out by hand. It'll probably take me a few years though, given how much of it there is!

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