Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Don't MESS with the War Pony!

Once again, pictures from the jousting tournament this weekend.

The property where the joust was held is absolutely beautiful - a bottomland pecan grove right on Lake Austin.

When I mentioned "heading a horse," this is what I was talking about. The ground crew literally hold the horse and/or lead them into the lane for the run. You can tell from the flopping caparison (the stuff that Red is wearing) that he was dancing around, really amped up for his run. At 14.2 hh, Red was fairly easy to manage - the big drafts or draft-crosses were much more challenging.

I might be bribing Reddums (with a treat in my hand) to stand still and look cute for this picture...

The best pictures of the weekend are from Azuloz Photography and are copyrighted, so I can only post links, but they are worth clicking as they are amazing!
And finally... I was on TV! I'm at the end of the video, helping the reporter get dressed in armor. And yes, I really did hit him with a tournament sword used in the melee' du cheval... but it was a light shot. I didn't think that knocking him on his butt would be very good for publicity!

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  1. Those pictures are great, and I love how "authentic" everyone looks. Very cool!