Monday, May 23, 2011

This would be funny if it were happening to someone else...

I might as well just give up and make a list of the things that are ABOUT to break so I'll have some idea of what to expect to go wrong when the hubby goes out of town.

If you've been reading for a while, you'll know that things break or something goes oddly wrong when the hubby leaves town. The shed roof fell down one time. The CV boot on the car ripped when I went over a stick another time. I've had services turned off because the power company screwed up, extra horses show up for breakfast, trees fall on fences... I think I've lost track. So when the AC died yesterday about an hour after the hubby left for a week-long trip, I really don't know why I was all that surprised.

The bad news is that it makes the most sense to get an entirely new unit ($$$$$). The good news is that they can install it tomorrow, AND they can fix the air intake and backflow valve while they're at it. And the other good news? It happened THIS weekend instead of NEXT weekend when I will have a whole bunch of family members in town.

But really, I think I've had about enough of stuff happening while he's gone. Maybe *I* should travel next time and the hubby can stay home to see what breaks... or maybe it will all get fixed instead?


  1. Sounds like he needs to stay home while you go on vacation! Wonder what would happen if you both went out of town?

  2. Don't EVEN wonder, in2paints. Because if they're both out of town, guess who's likely to deal with whatever happens!