Monday, May 9, 2011

Trip to farmer's market (via horseback!)

One of the reasons we like our location so much is because we frequent the local farmer's market, held every Saturday. It's one of the top markets in the US, and one of the oldest. We get almost all of our produce there, year-round.

It turns out that you can actually ride to the market from our house. It's not far at all, and only crosses neighborhood streets. This weekend, we took one of my hubby's colleagues (visiting from out of town) to the market on Reddums, and Fuzzypony came too on Taran. The hubby rode Saga, and I rode Cash*.

It was like the four horsemen of the Apocalypse riding abreast down the street. We were sure to smile a lot and wave to the neighbors!

The market. We try to stay out of the way to avoid too much attention, but it's a little hard to ignore four cute horses. We got several parents with small children asking to pet the horses, which we allowed. Being good equine ambassadors is part of the job!

Cash inspects the day's purchases to see if anything might be edible. One of the vendors gave us some carrot tops for the horses, which the boys immediately devoured.

Where else can you ride to the market on your horse? Man, I love this place!

*Note: I've ridden Cash half a dozen times since we brought him home, only at a walk, and only a mile or two at a time. He really seems to like getting out with the others, and he hasn't taken a lame step. Awesome! I do not have any plans to do anything more with him unless he indicates he wants to - right now I'm basically taking him out for exercise, since he no longer has his 15 acre pasture with hills to keep him fit.


  1. I love farmer markets!!! Being able to ride a pony there would make it twice as great. Greta's new barn in Driftwood will be in riding distance to a vet clinic lol.

  2. That looks like fun :-) And environmentally friendly too!

  3. I love farmers' markets. This looks like a great time!