Monday, May 2, 2011

Remember that part about Cash being accident-prone?

Today I came home to this awesome piece of work:



It's just skin and not hugely deep, but man, what a place to get cut. I've no idea what he did it on either. I sponged it a bit while Cash did his best imitation of a Great Spotted Giraffe, decided there wasn't anything the vet was going to be able to do that I couldn't, and put Dermagel in the general vicinity of the wound (because you know how hard it is to get anything IN a wound on a giraffe's head).

Maybe if I wrap him in bubble wrap it would help?


  1. I've tried bubble wrap... it doesn't work either. I swear they'll cut themselves on air. I'm glad he didn't get his eye! Hopefully it heals up soon!

  2. in2paints, yeah, I don't think bubble wrap would help a bit, but I can dream, right?

    Funder, why is it that some horses have a) no common sense, and b) no sense of self-preservation?

  3. Eep! Glad he didn't get his eye. Scary...