Sunday, September 11, 2011

The downside to foxhunting

From Elias' view, the problem with us going foxhunting is that he has to get up early. A WHOLE HOUR early.

I had to nudge him out of bed with my boot toe and throw him outside to toilet. I got the dirtiest look.

When he came back in, he went back to bed and curled up in a small dogball and went back to sleep. Poor, poor dog.

When called for breakfast, he played his trump card. He couldn't make it up the (two) stairs into the kitchen for breakfast.

See? Only the front paws.

SIGH... it's OK, you eat without me. I'll just lay here...

You can see how we abuse our animals here. Poor dog. WOE!


  1. Oh, and that face! I bet that face has worked in the past. :) He's so cute!!

  2. in2paints, Dressager, you'd think we're cruel to our animals, wouldn't you? Someone call the SPCA!

  3. I can't believe you make your dogs get up at the same time as you do for hunting...Barney and Winston are still snoring in bed as I head out the door into the darkness...

  4. Nic, the foxhounds have to get up but Barney and Winston don't? What kind of establishment are you running over there?!? ;)