Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Where there's smoke...

... there's fire.

There are dozens of fires in Central Texas right now. There is one about 15 miles to the west of us, and the huge Bastrop fire, which is making national news, is about 20 miles east. We are currently out of harm's way since the winds are carrying the fires south, but there's smoke every where you look. We could smell smoke in the air while feeding the boys this morning, and the drive into work was quite hazy.

A group of folks we know have mobilized to get horses clear of the blaze - the retirement farm where Cash used to live currently has 30 evacuees. All of our horsey friends in the area have evacuation plans, and so do we. Our local police and our neighbors know where the horse's halters are and have instructions to just open the gates and let them out if there's no time to rescue them in a more controlled manner. We have one rig hitched and the other will be hitched and loaded tonight. We have a bag packed. I'm not terribly worried that one of the current fires might reach us (unless the winds change), but new fires are starting all over. The biggest concern would be a fire starting in the greenbelt to our immediate north - if that were to happen and the winds are from the north, we might very little time to get out. The thought is frankly terrifying, and I can only begin to imagine what other folks are going through.

There are many organizations taking donations at this time, so if you find it in your heart to help, there are thousands of families who would be very grateful. If you're in the thick of things up north with the flooding, or in the drought or in the fires, then my heart goes out to you. These are challenging times - please reach out and help a friend or neighbor in need.


  1. Hoping things are still okay where you are! We have theoretically just dodged a second hurricane, (with no option for evacuation) so I know how you're feeling with regards to being trapped unfortunately.

    Keeping you in my thoughts - these are challenging times indeed...

  2. CFS, I'm glad to hear y'all are OK after the hurricanes. My parents went through Katrina (4 feet of water in their house, but they got out) and picking up the pieces after something like that it just no fun.

    We're still OK here but are literally watching fires spring up minute-by-minute. Three new ones have been reported in the metro area in just the last two hours (one appears serious). Still not by us, but... this is just nerve-wracking for everyone. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts!

  3. I thought about you as soon as I saw the news this morning. I'm glad to hear you're currently out of harm's way, and I hope it stays that way. Be safe!

  4. Oooh, it does suck. My heart goes out to you!

  5. Thinking of you all - our damp rainy little island seems very safe by comparison...

  6. Just wanted to say I'm thinking of you. We went through the wildfire thing a couple of years ago--one came very close--I know how scary it is. Many good wishes to you for continued safety.

  7. All, thank you for your thoughts. We continue to be just fine where we are, and since the winds have calmed in the past two days, the firefighters are finally able to get a handle on things. Most of Central Texas is under a huge cloud of smoke though, and we've been advised to stay indoors. I'm not sure what to do for the horses other than not ride to limit what they breathe in.

    Please send good thoughts to those who are most affected by the fires - lots of folks to the east of us have lost everything.