Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saga joins the lame horse club

Last Wednesday, the night before I left town for an imprompt visit to my my parents, Saga came up lame. Of course. Naturally, the hubby was out of town too.

Since he was really quite lame at the walk, I hauled him to the vet that night. We blocked his foot and his pastern, but he didn't come up sound. So, we left him overnight for Dr. Joyce (the one who did the surgery for Taran) to re-evaluate in the morning, while I went off to visit the 'rents. The ended up blocking him up to and including his knee, and he still wasn't sound, so we decided to keep him on stall rest for the weekend and give him bute.

Today, I went out to visit him, and he was walking much better and looked better at the trot too. Dr. Joyce wants to do another evaluation tomorrow morning, but hopefully she'll send him home for continued stall rest and he'll be good as new in a couple of weeks.

We went for a bit of a walkabout. First, we went and ate the three green blades of grass that were available.

Next, we went to the arena for a roll in the sand.

And get in a good belly-rub.

Of course, we had to stop and smell the poop.

Also, I think Saga's starting to get a little poofy, despite it being 101.9 degrees today. Is anyone else seeing some winter poof starting on their horses?


  1. Hmm... wonder what's wrong? With horses you never know, but I hope he's back to his happy self after the stall rest... or sooner! Regarding the fuzz, Lilly is getting hers too!

  2. We are TOTALLY getting poofy horse sup here... Gogo personally is just getting darker (she won't grow hair until about November) but we have horses with thick growth already.... whyyyyy it's still in the 90's!

  3. YAY LAME PONY CLUB!!! Seriously, this might be an epidemic..... time to break out the bubble wrap.

    Greta's getting poofy too!