Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mid-week critter - FINALLY

The critters have informed me that I'm slacking - we haven't had any mid-week critters in ages! So today, you get a two-fer.

Occasionally we find Maddy in the house. I have no idea how she gets in, really I don't! I mean, I would never pick her up and bring her in 'cause she's all purry and snuggly and cute, I really wouldn't. (Yeah, the hubby doesn't believe me either, but it's worth a try, right?)

Besides, she doesn't get along with the indoor kitties. Unless they're asleep on the couch, of course. Let the snorgling commence!


  1. When I went into the house on Sunday I saw a version of this, except that Freya was completely upside down. Also, Elias was relaxing at the corner of the sofa, adding to the check-with-the-management-we're-busy feeling! I wished I had a camera...

  2. Aww, Maddy is so cute. I can't imagine how she manages to get into the house, though. Better check the windows and doors. ;)