Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mid-week critter: Dog beds - apparently a difficult concept

Elias has a little trouble with the concept of how to properly use his dog bed.

Exhibit A: Dog actually in dog bed. Note that it's the wrong dog in the bed, but I'm using this for illustration purposes. No Great Pyrenees were harmed in the making of this photograph.

Exhibit B: Dog butt in dog bed. Remainder of dog seems to be running off.

Exhibit C: Dog next to dog bed. Fail.

Exhibit D: Half a dog is better than none?

Exhibit E: How can this even be comfortable!?!?

Exhibit F: Now more like a doggy speedbump, since he's right in the walkway. Notice the nose smooshed up against the door.

Exhibit G: The middle half of the dog.

Exhibit H: Sigh. Just, sigh...

Final Exhibit: I guess it makes a good pillow?


  1. Can't believe Anie fits in that bed. I know she's not huge, but still...

  2. LOL! Too cute! He certainly sleeps in creative ways, even if it isn't on the doggie bed. :)

  3. Needs a bigger bed ;-) You know, like a king size, with a duvet and nice pillows... :-)

  4. Meidhbhe, Anie may need her own bed, since I'm finding her in Elias' bed quite often!

    in2paints, he DOES sleep in creative ways. Most of them don't look even remotely comfy.

    Nic, no dogs in our bed EVER. Too much hair! I suppose Winston and company sleep in your bed? Do they demand Egyptian Cotton sheets and a heated blanket? ;)

  5. It has been known for the odd Vizsla to sneak into bed...its quite welcome on a cold night ;-) Draw the line at hound puppies though - not even in the house (!)