Monday, November 21, 2011


Rebecca over at R Lil Bit of Cash went to a show this weekend, just for fun. It was the last show of the year, after a bit of a roller coaster ride for the two of them. Fortunately, she and Lilly had a great time and even brought home some really nice ribbons - they deserve lots of congrads for all their hard work!

The post about the show got me thinking - it's been AGES since I've been to a show. In fact, I haven't been to a show since we moved to this house!!! We've been soooo busy with the house/barn/guest house. This summer, it was just too effing hot to ride. Saga has been off-and-on lame for... well, a long time. No wonder a show hasn't been anywhere near the top of my priority list!

Well, Saga is now sound (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!), it's not 110 degrees out every day, and the house/barn/guest house is, if not finished, at least no longer in a crisis state. So I've actually gotten to ride quite a bit lately. In addition, Saga's been doing well during our rides (except for that pesky kicking out on the left lead canter departs, ahem), sooo...

We're going to the Hy Court Farm Fall III show on December 4th! We've been to this venue before and it's really laid back. They have these fun sport horse versatility classes in addition to the traditional dressage classes. The plan right now is to enter Elementary Hunter Versatility, which includes Prix Caprilli Test 1 and a small, natural obstacle course (logs, a bridge, a few jumps, etc.). I would really prefer the obstacle challenge of the Novice division, but the Prix Caprilli 2 test includes leg yields and lengthen canters. Maybe we could have faked our way through those movements a year or two ago when we were really riding and training, but now? Probably we should stick with the basic stuff and not look like complete eeediots.

We'll also probably do Training Level test 3 since it's a fun test and within our capabilities, even if we don't go out there and score fantastically well. I mean, I haven't ridden in a real dressage arena in ages, so hopefully I can still throw in a sort of round 20 meter circle, haha. But I figure as long as we have fun, I stay on, and we stay in the arena, what the heck. Besides, I really, REALLY don't want to do Training Level Test 1. Again. For the 100th time.

[Aside: How many of y'all have all of your old dressage tests? And how many times have you done Training 1 at a show? Tell me in the comments, I'm curious!]

So, in short, Thank You Rebecca and Lilly for inspiring me to get my act together and go to a show before the end of the year! Hopefully we'll put in half as good a show as you two did.

Does anybody else out there have plans to sneak in one last hurrah before the end of the year?


  1. That sounds like so much fun! I would love to do a Prix Caprilli. I'm planning a last show of the year next month, just a little schooling show. They have a "challenge" class that is supposed to be some sort of dressage work, so it sounds a little similar to what you're doing but not quite as cool.

    And I definitely keep all of my dressage tests, I have a whole folder full :) Not sure how many Training 1 tests there are in there, but probably a lot!

  2. Thank you so much, Jen!! You're all so supportive and encouraging, and often it's just the nudge I need to get out there with my horse and have fun! After the year we've had (heck, the past 2 years), it was definitely worth it and leaves me very excited for next year. I'm so excited that we've inspired you and Saga. :)

    It sounds like the perfect show, too. The laid back ones are the best, and it's great there are so many options for the classes. I've been dying to do some sport horse versatility classes, but we just don't have any around here. I can't wait to hear how it goes, and I know you'll have a great show!

    I used to show dressage a lot when I was younger, but I haven't done one in at least 12 years. I'm pretty sure my tests are long gone, but I do know that I did training level test 1 every.single.time. LOL Maybe we'll try a test or two next year. :)

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! Prix Caprillis are my favorite.
    I keep all my old dressage tests in a folder (as well as some dressage tests from my boy's last trainer before I bought him). Very interesting to look back and see how much we've improved.
    I have one last dressage show before the end of the season! Can't wait!

  4. HyCourt is the best! I would love to take Greta through their Spring Shows next year! All the staff are fabulous, the judges are very knowledgeable (but maybe I'm biased because two of their judges are close friends and occasional trainers of mine heehee), and the venue is just wonderful! Saga will rock the SHV courses, they're so much fun.

  5. All these show posts make me want to show! Have fun.