Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nothing to see here, please move along

We've had rain twice (TWICE!!!!) in the last week. This means that the boys are up in the barn, and that we can't take them out on the trails. So we do a lot of walking up and down the street. Sometimes we ride two and pony two, and sometimes we handwalk all four (in pairs).

Normally the boys are very good. However, lately Taran's been getting a bit cheeky. For example, when we stopped at the end of the street today (I was on the phone - sorry MC!), here's what happened:

Aren't we cute? And innocent. Definitely innocent.


Oooh! A lead rope!

I can just... reach... eet...

Oh, never mind that... instead, I shall leeck your eyeball!

Also here on your cheek... sluuuurp...

Oh and here too....

Oh and what's this??? A halter crownpiece!

I'll have you free in a minute, buddy, just hold still while I pull on this here tabby thingy...

Enh! Enh! (Notice Mr. Oblivious on the left, in the bay fur coat.)

Pfffbbbbt! What is ON that halter of yours?!?! It tastes AWFUL!!!

Saga: Dude. You're getting germs and stuff on me. Quit touching me and go bug someone else.

They are entertaining, aren't they?


  1. So that's what you were up to! Did Cash tell you that the evening walk was MUCH more fun than the hour he spent going to the end of the street and back this morning, all on his own? I bet he wonders if the carrots are really worth it.

  2. As I was trying to say before , no thanks to Blogger, those pictures are adorable! I can't believe he tolerated all that licking! Too funny!

  3. you'd think he was 3 yrs old instead of 9. LOL
    i love my boy-o. :)