Sunday, November 20, 2011


Ok, y'all, I need some help.

I want a pair of warm winter boots. Years ago, I had a pair of the original Ariat winter tall boots, and they were awesome. I could pull them on, and my feet were always toasty and dry, no matter how deep the mud was. Sadly, they only lasted about two years before they cracked around the ankle and started leaking. Bummer.

Last year, I had a pair of cheap ankle-high fleece-lined mud boots from Academy, a local sporting goods store. They were warm and easy to get on (they zipped up), but man they were clunky. They also had an unfortunate tendency to get sucked off in the mud. Fail.

So, I need new boots. I've looked online and all the winter boots seem to be more for riding than barn chores. They're super cute, and I need practical. I would also prefer not to spent oh, say, $200 on a pair of boots.

So here are my criteria for new boots:
  • Must be pull-on or zip-up
  • Must be waterproof and warm
  • Must not be clunky and heavy
  • Need to be easy-care, i.e. hose off the mud
  • I don't have to be able to ride in them, but it would be a nice bonus
Soooo... anybody got any recommendations on winter boots?


  1. Australian winters are extremely mild (I mean, T-shirt weather during winter days) so I just use my old gumboots. However, when it's really cold- I have a bigger size so I can wear a couple pairs of socks.
    It seems to be the only thing that works in really muddy conditions- and boy, we get shin-deep mud in some places.
    The winter boots I've seen don't last very long in wet weather...

  2. I'm hoping I get a pair of Blizzard Winter Boots for Christmas... I can't vouch for them yet, and I'm not sure they fit your criteria exactly, but they're inexpensive and got pretty good reviews. :)

  3. Muck Company boots. They're super rugged, super warm, and 100% waterproof.

  4. Well..not sure this goes 100% with your list. I have the Artic Muck Boots and hands down they are warm/waterproof and great. HOWEVER ,they are CLUNKY meGees. Take a look at their others to see if you like the other styles better and if they are less clunky. I got the Artics so I could literally stand in Michigan snow in -0 and be warm. But aren't you in Texas? I also have these that are GREAT but not 100% waterproof, very close though, and not bulky and very warm:

  5. its not that cold where I live (coastal California), but I have been very happy with boots that are called "Bogs". I got them from a company called Sahalie. They have neoprene linings. They are not cozy like fleece, but they fit your other criteria. When its not too wet/muddy, I wear a pair of old Ugg boots to the barn, and I ride in these, too. I can ride in the Bogs but I don't like it. The Bogs are clunky, yes, but they have cute designs on them. People will actually stop me and admire them when I wear them to do grocery shopping or whatever.

  6. Oooh, Laura, I found these: SUPER CUTE!!!

    Kirsten, yes, I'm in Texas, but I'm a thin-blooded Texan. ;) However, your Arctic boots do look like they might be overkill for this part of the world. Those Lake Country boots are pretty darn cute though, and look VERY classy. I do worry about how well they stand up to water since they are all leather.

    LL, I had a pair of gumboots that lasted all of two months before they cracked at the ankle. :( Maybe I just bought the American knockoffs and need to come to your part of the world for the real thing? ;)

    Liz, I love the names on the Muck Company boots. "Hoser Classic" and "Muckmaster"? Teehee! They look likely if a bit clunky. I will see if I can find somewhere to try them on.

    In2Paints, those are the ones I was looking at too. They are certainly the right price and they look sturdy.

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I'll let you know what I end up with.

  7. Ok funny u should say that b/c I just stumbled on this for waterproofing leather; although I've never used it, I've heard it's THE best: