Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Neener-neener (or, the Taj Mahal of Tackrooms)

Growing up, I dreamed of one day having The Perfect Barn. I doodled barn layouts in the margins of my schoolwork, and planned exactly how everything would be organized. In my early 20s, I moved around quite a lot with Cash, and took notes about what I liked at each barn. So when we actually bought this property and it became apparent that I would actually get to build my own dream barn, here's what I had in mind:

This gorgeous hunk of barn is from BeamBarns.com. Alas, it is not my barn.

And then I brought the boys home and reality sank in. Horses prefer being out 24/7, with access to a big run-in shed, to living in stalls. I really didn't want to get into mucking 2x/day (I do have a full-time job after all). And we also have this pesky Impervious Cover rule, which greatly limited the size of the structure we could build.

So I sadly ditched the idea of The Perfect Barn.

However, I refused to let go of The Perfect Tackroom. The one with wood-paneled walls and a tile floor. With a sink and a nice bench to sit on while you put on your boots, and maybe even a rug in the center to make it just that much more plush. With all the saddles neatly on their racks, and bridles perfectly lined up and not a sweaty saddle pad to be seen. With faded ribbons from past victories hung on the walls next to shiny new ribbons from last month, and photographs of competitions from years ago to remind us of What Once Was and How Far We've Come.

Yeah, you know the tackroom I'm talking about, don't you?

Well, I'm not quite there yet, but last weekend brought us one step closer. We finally got the saddle racks built and hung, and I covered them with fabric and organized all the saddles:

Yep, this is pretty close to what I had in mind, wood paneling and tile floor included. There's even an enormous antique armoire for storing all those clean saddle pads!

So maybe I don't have The Perfect Barn (or maybe it is actually the perfect barn - for the boys, even if it's not what I had in mind!), but I am nearly done with The Taj Mahal of Tackrooms. More pictures will be forthcoming as we finish it!


  1. Swanky! Your tack looks great :)

    I've admitted to myself that a protected run-in with a canopy, is much more to Val's liking than a fancy barn. As soon as my new studio / hay + feed building is ready, we will update the tack room as well. No more hay dust, everything in it's place and maybe a mini fridge for after ride adult beverages and bulk bags of carrots ;)

  2. Prepare to be jealous of my old tack room.... http://shalimarfields.com/Our_Facility_files/photo-4.jpg. Oh yeah, I said it.

  3. CFS, it's so true, they're happier with a nice roomy shelter than with one of those gorgeous stalls. And I love your mini-fridge idea! To keep carrots in, of course.

    Dom, you can come visit any time!

    Andrea, that is a nice tackroom! Clearly I need to get a vase of flowers for mine. ;)

  4. Sure, rub it in!! It looks wonderful! :)

  5. LOL, I'm not even going to look at Andrea's picture..I'm sure it's heaven. I recently moved Laz and it's a small 4 stall (although only 3 are opened up) with two lean to's and the 3 horses are out 24/7 and HE IS LOVING life. He hates to be stalled, but chooses to stand in there randomly (really windy days or if the others are doing it)
    I think your set up sounds like it's great for the horses, we you can make it great for yourself. Win/Win.